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An Insider's Guide to Nintendo's Coming of Age

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Cards for remaining preorders will be charged tonight
4 days ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 06:48:16 AM

Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads-up today: we've got about 175 customers whose cards haven't been charged yet, and we'll be charging them tonight at 10 PM Central time.

If you're one of the 1,500 backers who've already paid for your tier, then you're all set! I just wanted to give a courtesy heads-up to anyone who still hasn't been charged yet so that they can be aware of it (in case of overdrafting, etc).

If you're not sure if you've been charged, you can check via your BackerKit survey, or simply message me through KS here, or leave a comment below. Again, this update won't apply to the vast majority of you, but I wanted those who haven't paid yet to not be taken off-guard, especially as we're entering the busy Christmas season.

That's all for now!


Printing is underway!
13 days ago – Sat, Nov 19, 2022 at 10:37:50 PM

Gobble gobble--I'm certainly feeling thankful this month for the patience and support of you backers, and for the fact that Howard and I have sent off the finished book to be printed!

Due to the last-minute snags, the book won't quite be ready in time for Christmas like I'd hoped, but you should be expecting your own copy of GAMEMASTER CLASSIFIED in early 2023.

We do want to sell this book in online stores, brick-and-mortar, etc. But before all else, Howard insisted we get the backers covered first and foremost. So our initial shipment will be for all preorders (plus a moderate number of extras to sell directly through our website), and then we'll try getting the ball rolling elsewhere. Incidentally, if you're a merchant and interested, feel free to message me directly via KS.

You want stats? I got 'em right here:

- Finished size: 8.268 x 10.709 inches

- Extended: 240pp + cover

- Cover: 80# gloss book mounted on 3mm paperboard, 4/0 + gloss lamination

- Inside: 80# gloss book, 4/4

- End sheets: 70# uncoated cover, 1/0 pms

- Binding: case bound on 10.709 inch side, smyth sewn, square back, matching head/foot bands

In short, GMC is going to be the same level of sturdy quality (and roughly the same size) as the Brawl in the Family and TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME books.

Let's take another peek at the book--as usual, please excuse the slight fuzziness that is a side-effect of image uploading in these updates:

Lost in Translation was one of our Stretch Goals, so we stretched out the book to squeeze in this 6-page spread featuring several of the Famicom's lost Nintendo-published titles. In each entry, Howard muses on NOA's reasonings for not localizing each game and his own personal thoughts on them, while I share a modern perspective on if/when they eventually saw stateside release (and my own thoughts, of course). Each entry also features an original piece of art relevant to the game.

Famicom Wars and Mysterious Murasame Castle feature above, while Shin Onigashima and Famicom Detective Club share a page as well. Cult favorites Fire Emblem and Mother each get a page apiece dedicated to them, and plenty of other localization stories are covered elsewhere throughout the book (the Dragon Warrior saga being one of the most contentious)!

The end is in sight! Naturally, I'm going to still update this KS periodically (at least once a month) until the book is in your hands, so I'll regularly let you know how the manufacturing is going.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Major Milestone, Minor Setback
30 days ago – Thu, Nov 03, 2022 at 06:33:30 AM

Happy Halloween!

The bad news is that as Murphy’s Law would have it, the publisher program I’m using is struggling to contain this book. As the project grew larger, some of the files started getting corrupted, one by one. However, as I now know from past mishaps to back everything up regularly, this issue thankfully isn’t disastrous, but it did push back our planned release a bit further. I expect that I should be finished taking care of it within a week or so.

I apologize for the issues, but rest assured I’m spending every weekday working on this book to get it done. As the video below mentions, it has a huge amount of Howard info and Matthew art crammed into it and we’re excited for the final product.

And now, a quick look and a message from myself!

-By Matthew

Wall of Fame Final Check
3 months ago – Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 10:48:41 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for letting me know of any corrections necessary for the Wall of Fame. I've actually moved any entries I missed last time to the first page of the section, so if you were not there last time, check below the "Thanks" message. After the first page, the names will be in alphabetical order. Here's the updated list:

Apologies again for Kickstarter-induced blurriness in these images.

That should be everyone accounted for! If I somehow still missed you or there's a problem, please let me know ASAP! The book's design will be going off to the printer in a matter of weeks (or days, really)! I don't want anyone who pledged for a spot on the Wall to miss out.



Almost done! Please check your Wall of Fame name here
3 months ago – Thu, Sep 01, 2022 at 09:36:48 PM

Hi everyone!

Big news: all design work on GAMEMASTER CLASSIFIED will be complete within about 2 weeks! Barring any sort of cataclysm of biblical proportions (knock on wood), we'll be firing off the design docs then to the manufacturer for printing. Stay tuned for info on when we'll have them created and ready to send out.

That leaves us with a final check-in for Wall of Fame. If you backed at a tier that includes a Wall of Fame name + game, please look for your name in the included images below and double-check that we got it right. A few things to keep in mind--

1) The names are in alphabetical order via first names. Sorry, Zacharys of the world! A few names start with a pair of quotes or a number so if you did this, check the beginning of the wall.

2) I largely kept the names and games verbatim how you described them (i.e. if you put "Mario 3," I didn't correct it to "Super Mario Bros. 3" etc). The only exception were obvious typos/misspellings.

3) Please only check that your name and games are there and spelled properly per your submission, and not things like where your name is placed in relation to other names, or wanting to include extra info at this point. We're in the endgame now and there's only so much I can do!

4) If I forgot your name, I'll have to place it in the end of the lineup, out of alphabetical order, largely for the sake of my own sanity (moving in a new Aaron or something in its alphabetical place would necessarily require changing all five pages by moving everything up one slot, etc). 

5) Lastly, these images look pretty blurry on my computer. Rest assured the actual pages are a lot sharper. Onto the names:

Not all backers filled out their survey, but hopefully everyone else is present and accounted for. If not, you have one week to tell me I made a mistake! Ideally, just let me know ASAP (via comments on this update, or via KS message) when you see this post. It's time to get these puppies to the printer, after all.

You guys have some fun choices too. A bunch of these, I hadn't even heard of (even if a few of them sort of stretch the definition of NES/Famicom games a bit)! I appreciate the inclusion of some truly weird games like Monster Party, hidden gems like Gimmick!, and cult classics such as Shatterhand and Mother.

Getting close!